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Dean and Tony’s Excellent Workshop High Five!!!

Ever wanted to hang out with two world-renowned trainers and talk all things training and coaching? Now’s your chance!!


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Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore are consistently considered some of the best in the fitness industry having been featured in publications like T-Nation, Men’s Health, Livestrong, Shape, and many other mainstream publications, and also pride themselves on continuously working with a wide array of athletes and “Average Joe’s” on a day to day basis.

As a co-founder and owner of Cressey Performance, Tony brings his brand of excellence to working with a large number of general population clients, but also works with a gulf of athletes competitive in high school, college and professional baseball. His training has affected close to a billion dollars worth of pro athlete contracts, and combined with Eric Cressey, their system of shoulder and arm care has made Cressey Performance one of the go-to centers for players looking to get healthy and stay healthy for long and productive careers, and also for those walking the line looking to make the team or land a contract.



From the most northern metropolitan city in the world, Dean is the medical & rehabilitation coordinator for World Health Club, a chain of big box facilities across Edmonton, Alberta Canada. In doing this, Dean has developed educational criteria for trainers looking to work with referrals from the over 100 medical referral sources sending their patients in to receive Post Rehabilitation Training. He’s worked with everyone from joint replacement/reconstruction patients to marathon runners, to professional hockey teams and Olympic gold medalists.

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Why This Workshop Will Help Separate You From the Masses


Most workshops that revolve around training try to teach you systems or bore you with PowerPoint presentations. The goal with this workshop is to be in your face as much as possible, helping you learn how we coach our clients and athletes to get the best performance possible, while also giving you the tools to understand how to develop a program that is best suited for their needs and limitations.

This 2-day workshop will deliver an unparalleled level of hands-on learning. You will learn how to assess for common dysfunctions, what those dysfunctions could be, and how to fix them without making a “rehabby” program that is as boring as watching paint dry. You’ll also learn how to develop programs for anyone in order to help them see a training effect, regardless of age, training status, or medical history.

Here’s a sample of some of the things we’re talking about:

  • How breathing patterns are really, really, ridiculously important, and how to check if you or your client needs to focus on them at all.
  • The only three movements every program should be made of, and how to alter them a thousand ways without destroying your clients.
  • How much beef jerky can Tony consume in one afternoon.
  • How to coach common movements like a squat, deadlift, push or pull for optimal engagement, regardless of where the client is starting.
  • How to build a program for anyone, using a proven system of outlining the flow of the workout
  • 2 different yet very highly effective warm ups and protocols for gaining mobility and strength
  • What similarities and differences exist between training Pros and Joes
  • Why maxing out at 3 pounds is never a good idea. Like, ever.


We want this to be a one of a kind learning opportunity for those in attendance. We’ll do our best to cover the stuff YOU want to learn about, and want to spend less time talking and more time doing. As coaches ourselves, we both feel more comfortable on a training floor with people working their tails off. We want to give you that same kind of experience.

As such, we will also limit registrations to a max of 30 people in order to keep it as intimate and give you as much face time with Dean and Tony as possible. This will also allow us to give more individual instruction on coaching specific movements, spotting corrective strategies to implement, and answer questions efficiently.

“This workshop is a no brainer for anybody who is interested in performance.  To say the weekend is packed full of useful information is a complete, and utter understatement.  If you don’t walk away with at least 10 things you can immediately implement with your clients or yourself, then you didn’t pay enough attention.  Also, Dean and Tony are awesome guys.  Not only will you learn a butt-load, you’ll have a great time doing it!”  

James Cerbie

CSCS, USAW, Crossfit Level 1
Strength and Conditioning Coach–Architech Sports and Physical Therapy
“In the past year I have been to 5 training seminars.  I can say with 100% honesty that Tony and Dean surpassed the others by epic proportions!  I learn more in 2  days with Tony and Dean than anywhere else, but what surprised me even more was what I learned from the others attending the workshop.  This seminar changed me as a trainer in the best possible way.  If you want to be great, you have to surround yourself with greatness, and that’s exactly what this seminar brought to the table.  Hands-down the best seminar I have been to.  Don’t miss an opportunity like this!!!!”
            -Lauren Bradley
“When I saw that these two professionals were teaming up for a weekend, and we as fitness professionals had the freedom to ask them questions, and participate in ‘hands on’ breakouts, I knew this was a weekend I didn’t want to miss. The flow and balance between lecture and breakout sessions was incredible!  The learning content was rich with new ideas on assessment and QUICK corrective work (Dean’s voodoo moves), as well as fundamental teaching on the big lifts.
I was equally impressed with the array of attendees that Tony and Dean attracted.  Everyone from young/older up-and-coming trainers/strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals,  to some really big names in the industry!   Tony and Dean are authentic guys, who made it clear that they wanted everyone to bring something to the table, and everyone did!   This interactive approach was so refreshing.

The last time I attended a 3 day seminar with as many ‘aha’ moments, was Stu McGill’s, back in 2010!  Tony and Dean thanks for a great weekend of learning!”

-Louise Derraugh

“Dean and Tony are not only two of the brightest guys in the field, and they’re also two of the most entertaining.  Newer trainers will get brought up to speed on progressive training strategies and take away hands-on coaching techniques.  More experienced coaches will benefit from Tony and Dean’s refined understanding of more complicated concepts.  The only part that was weird was at the end when they made everyone do a group hug for 10 minutes, but after they explained it was really a “mind meld,” we all understood.  Don’t miss this seminar!”

          – Mark Fisher, co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness, NYC
Dean and Tony really bring it to their presentations. Their speaking is really engaging and level of expertise is unmatched. You will surely go home armed with more knowledge than you can imagine which will surely help your clients and make you look like a hero. Also being in such a small group brings an intimacy that you will not get at another seminar where you can ask any and all questions and they will be happily answered which helps to really get a complete understanding of the material covered.
           – Bryan Francis



When: October 19-20, 2013

Where: World Health City Centre, Edmonton Alberta Canada

City Centre Mall, 10205 101 street, T5J 2Y9

Hotel info: There are a number of hotels within walking distance to the club, and some attached to the mall directly, minimizing transit to and from. Stay tuned for updates on hotels and rate codes for bookings.

Cost: $399 Until September 30th at midnight, $499 after October 1st.


Staff save $100 on registration!! See Below


We’ll also be filming the entire thing, so you may have a shot at getting on camera a few times and launching your future modelling career or whatever you’re in the mood for.

Max participants: 30

Tentative Schedule: Subject to Change

Friday Evening (October 18th):

Unstructured workout at City Centre club. Contact Dean prior to the event to register for a pass to use the facility without charge. You can stretch, hit some cardio, or even get in a deadlift PR session if you feel like it.

Saturday morning (October 19): Day One on-site registration: 8-9am. Workshop will run from 9am-5pm with an hour lunch and regular breaks.Topics covered:1. Global aspects of assessments: umbrella concepts; what you’re looking for; how to find it; stiff vs. short; muscle weakness vs. compensation; idea of pain; mobility, stability or control2. Assessments: specific joint parameters for the shoulder, spine, hip. Movement based assessments (squat, hip hinge, press, stabilize), breathing3. lunch4. Live assessments & screensDay Two (October 20): Start at 9:00 – 4pm

  1. global aspects of corrective exercise: regressions, isolation
  2. specific strategies for shoulder, core, hips, knees
  3. ways of implementing a training effect.
  4. Lunch
  5. Specific exercise breakdowns (squats, hip hinge), showing regressions and coaching strategies for each.

Continuing Education Credits will be available, exact amounts will be determined by the certification agency. We will be getting canfitpro, CSEP, and NSCA credits.

Not only will you learn everything we know of value relating to fitness and coaching, but we guarantee you will have way more fun at this workshop than at any other you’ve ever attended. Why?

Because it’s Dean and Tony teaching it. HIGH FIVE!!!