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There are 10 hours of videos, organized by body part and shot in HD. Here’s all the videos available through password protected Vimeo links. Just enter the password somerset1 for each video file to access it. Bookmark this page so you can come back to is as needed.

Please don’t share these links or password with anyone else.

Upper Quadrant: Day 1, Video 1

Upper Quadrant: Day 1, Video 2

Upper Quadrant: Day 1, Video 3

Upper Quadrant: Day One, Video 4


Lower Quadrant: Day 2, Video 1

Lower Quadrant: Day 2, Video 2

 Lower Quadrant: Day 2, Video 3


Spine: Day 3, Video 1

Spine: Day 3, Video 2

Spine: Day 3, Video 3

Spine: Day 3, Video 4


If you want to get access to the sick promo video used on the opening of the main sales page, it’s a Youtube video you can check out here. 

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This product is sold through Clickbank, with commissions paid out at 70%. There is also an upsell included for the original Post Rehab Essentials, which will be sold at $67.

The affiliate link will be and replacing the XXXX with your affiliate link.

The product comes with Continuing Education Units to the NSCA and to canfitpro in Canada.


Here’s some of the highlights of the main sections of the series:



  • How different injuries happen
  • What makes or breaks a training program for the different injuries you’ll commonly see in a gym
    • How injuries heal, and when it’s right to begin training
    • Why rehab and training aren’t two separate programs
    • The paradigm shift in thought process that can help you and your clients get stronger and healthier, regardless of restrictions or injuries
      • How fear is holding your clients back, and why you should be aware of it


Upper Quadrant:

  • Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  • Common shoulder injuries
  • How most common training programs lead to more injuries than they fix
  • How to get optimal training responses to overcome the injuries


In addition, I will also show how most common neck, shoulder and low back issues are directly related to breathing, and what to do about it


Lower Quadrant:

  • Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  • Common knee injuries
  • How to get the most bang for your buck from re-training your foot
  • How to get optimal training responses to overcome the injuries
  • How important proper glute training is to preventing and recovering from knee injuries


In addition, I will also show you how knee pains are rarely knee problems



  • Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  • Common low back injuries and what to do with them
  • How to properly train core function
  • Why movement quality is more important than ever when dealing with low back pain
  • Why most core training programs don’t actually train the core to function better


  • How most “rehab” programs aren’t tailored to specific needs of the individual and do nothing but eat up time.
  • Joint mechanics that show why some exercises will hurt you while others will help you.
  • Why repetitive strain injuries are so common, and how to fix them forever
  • Why pain doesn’t tell you the problem, and how to uncover the real issue
  • Why static stretching is completely useless and should be stopped at all costs, especially when working through an injury
  • How to dramatically increase the value of your training sessions and keep your clients longer
  • How to perform complex lifts, assessments, and corrective exercises in a safe and effective manner.
  • How to get people strong. Period.


I’ll email you as promotions come up, and also when there’s some significant updates to the product, such as additional CEUs, etc. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me at

Good luck, and enjoy the videos!!